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Best Furniture Bargains San Francisco 2004 - Alemany Flea Market

Alemany Flea Market

Alemany Flea Market

100 Alemany

San Francisco, CA 94110


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Conventional wisdom says to visit the Alemany Flea Market, the weekly used-goods spree that sets up shop each Sunday, early in the day for the best finds. But when you're looking for a groovy couch or a kitchen table, that just ain't the truth. The sellers who hauled their heavy crap to the curb at 6 a.m. are loath to put it back on the truck at 3 p.m. Visit after lunchtime and you'll find cool furniture priced to move, with haggle-happy merchants more than willing to let the price come down a bit. Even without bargaining, you'll see far lower prices than at the many precious retro furniture stores in town. But just a bit of back-and-forth can net shockingly good values. Look for wildly upholstered '50s couches and chaise longues, handmade wooden dining tables, and many magnificent old lamps.

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