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Best Independent Dance Music Store San Francisco 2004 - Tweekin Records

Sure, you can find more records at Amoeba or more flavor-of-the-minute tunes at BPM, but Tweekin Records owner Darren Davis supports the local dance music community where it counts, by releasing singles from some of our most promising house music talents -- from Joshua to S.W.A.T. -- on his own label. Then his small but dedicated staff of DJs spins the platters out in the clubs. So, not surprisingly, the store's employees possess an amazing knowledge of dance music, including its many minute subgenres. Primarily a shop that deals in vinyl, the subterranean store also offers a small selection of quality CDs to engage new listeners. Turning 12 this year, Tweekin has a mom and pop charm that no corporate powerhouse or indie chain can match.

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