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Best Italian Deli San Francisco 2004 - Lucca Ravioli Company

Lucca Ravioli Company

Lucca Ravioli Company

1100 Valencia

San Francisco, CA 94110


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There's no doubt that Lucca is the real deal: sawdust on the floors; weekly specials handwritten on butcher paper; cramped aisles stocked to the gills with imported pastas, tomato paste, biscotti, and bottles of fine Italian red wine. But the front counter is where the action happens. There, chatty clerks dispense fresh packages of pasta, tubs of pesto and tomato sauce, chunks of cheese from the deli's expansive selection (don't leave without the house-imported double cream brie), and even the occasional cooking tip. Boxes of the bite-size ravioli, plentiful enough for two, come frozen or fresh (at peak customer hours, they might be prepared every hour). Lucca, which has been around for 69 years, is as Old World as you can get in modern-day San Francisco.

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Tom Holdegraver
Tom Holdegraver

We moved from the San Francisco area to Eugene Oregon and cannot find Lucca Brand Ravioli in this area. Do you ship? Are there any places in our area where we can buy Lucca Brand Ravioli? Thanks.

Kathy Minafo
Kathy Minafo

we are looking for a place that sells ravioli dough alreadyrolled out. My husband grew up in North Beach and remembers his Dad bringing home the dough and thenthey made their own filling.Please help.

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