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Best Juice Bar San Francisco 2004 - Juicey Lucy's Organic Juice & Food Bar

Juicey Lucy's is a very groovy place. Vivid shades of purple, orange, and green saturate furniture, floor, and ceiling. Tabletops and altars are adorned with Buddhas and Shivas and pliable yogis. Handcrafted jewelry and vegan yam bread are sold at the counter; fresh herbs sprout from every nook and cranny; a hint of incense lingers in the air. And behind the counter is Lucy herself, chopping, juicing, and blending everything to order and radiating plenty of tranquil vibrations of her own. "Everything made with love takes time," says one hand-painted placard, and there's no hurry at Juicey Lucy's, none at all. All of the juices, smoothies, shakes, and "organic liquid life elixirs" are made from whole produce in its season. (Summertime, with its berries, melons, and stone fruits, is an especially good time to drop by.) The resulting concoctions, served in lovely earthenware bowls, taste like the freshest, most life-affirming things you've ever consumed. Mint, ginger, carrots, celery, parsley, and lots of other good stuff can be blended as you wish, but the special house elixirs are worth investigating -- the Blood of the Earth, perhaps, or the Velvet Moon, or the Poet With a Beet. Cash only.

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