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Best Jump-Rope Team San Francisco 2004 - Double Dutchess

If there's one thing the Bay Area never seems to tire of, it's retro kitsch. In the past decade, we've cheered the revival of Mexican wrestling, burlesque dancing, swing music, boxcar racing, and marching bandery. Now S.F. has its very own jump-rope team, Double Dutchess. Founded in the summer of 2002, the sexy four-woman troupe transforms the grade-school activity into a jaw-dropping two-ropes-at-a-time display full of acrobatics, comedy, and music. For most gigs, the girls set up guerrilla style, performing in parking lots and BART stations until the security guards chase them away. (During one officially sanctioned party, the group played for McSweeney's and Zoetrope All-Story staffers at the Swedish American Hall.) They also devise different outfits for each performance, appearing as Catholic schoolgirls, belligerent mothers, industrial goths, and escaped convicts.

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