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Best New Chocolate Treat San Francisco 2004 - Gracie's Chocolate Nipples

While everyone knows that food and sex go great together, it took Oakland sisters Genessa and Ami Kealoha to place the two in one convenient package. In January 2002, Genessa took an art class for which she began crafting molds of her sister's nipples. With a little help from a denture-making cast, the gals were soon handing out chocolate versions of areolas as gifts. By December 2002, the ladies had moved into the entrepreneurial world, offering both milk and dark chocolate nipples for sale on their Web site, in stores such as Good Vibrations and Z. Cioccolato, and on Craigslist (where they received a peculiar amount of feminist backlash). Last year, they graduated to the big time. Instead of crafting each morsel in their own kitchen, they handed over the duties to Recchiuti Confections, a fancy San Francisco chocolatier. Now, high-end meets low-down, and the result is mmm, mmm, good.

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