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Best New Furniture Store (tie) San Francisco 2004 - Harvest Home Stores, Valencia Interiors

We've long been on a quest to find the perfect furniture store. San Francisco generally sucks in this area: As a rule we find antique shops that smell powerfully of mothballs or new stores that sell ghastly "modern" (read: really uncomfortable) styles at a premium. (Oh, and IKEA. Enough said.) Harvest and Valencia are two exceptions. Both sell a range of mostly wood furniture -- tables, cabinets, beds, chairs -- at prices even apartment dwellers can afford. Harvest is small and jampacked and carries several lines that can be special-ordered; it's slightly more expensive and particularly strong in bedroom furnishings and tables. Valencia is enormous and jampacked, and it really shines in bookcases and armoires. Both deliver for a fee. Come now, surely it's time to stop sleeping on the floor and using supermarket crates for shelves.

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