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Best Parking Garage San Francisco 2004 - North Beach Garage

It's ideally located for North Beach and Chinatown, easily accessed, small enough so you'll never get lost within it, located right across from a police station, and only $2 an hour (cheap by San Francisco -- not to mention neighborhood -- standards). But our deep affection for the North Beach Garage is due to the fortune cookie sayings printed at the end of each stall, easily readable as you traverse the aisles. "Simplicity and clarity should be your rule in dress," "You are one of the great lovers" (gee, thanks), "Good things are being said about you" (thanks again), "One day you won't be here" (yes, but don't remind us), "Happiness is trying to catch up with you." Such lines scroll by as we search for our spot. Here it is: "Learn to sail in all winds." Pure urban poetry, in motion or stalled.

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