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Best Pig San Francisco 2004 - Mi Lindo Yucatan - CLOSED

Mi Lindo Yucatan

Mi Lindo Yucatan

401 Valencia

San Francisco, CA 94103


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This small corner restaurant is deceptively modest: Formica tables, linoleum floors, white-painted walls. The only attempt at d?cor is a few pieces of folkloric Mexican dress casually nailed to the walls and a couple of red stripes painted around the open kitchen. But from that tiny kitchen issues a number of exciting dishes, including our three favorite pig plates of the year: the cochinita pibil, big, luscious, juicy chunks of pork flavored with achiote that come to the table still wrapped in the banana leaves in which they were roasted; poc-chuc, a heap of tasty cubes of charbroiled pork, which you wrap in puffy homemade corn tortillas, adding black beans and grilled onions (and maybe a side of ripe avocado, too); and, possibly our favorite, frijol con puerco, a stew of massive, succulent pieces of pork buried in soupy black beans. Each of these dishes is only $6.75.

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