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Best Place to Adopt a Cat San Francisco 2004 - Pets Unlimited

Pets Unlimited

Pets Unlimited

2343 Fillmore

San Francisco, CA 94115


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Adopting a cat can be a daunting experience. How do you choose? Which one is right for your so-called lifestyle? Fortunately, Pets Unlimited in Pacific Heights eliminates the messy guesswork. Opened as an animal shelter and hospital more than 50 years ago, it strives to create a comfortable living environment for felines until they connect with the right person. Cats reside not in cages but in "kitty condos" large enough for three or four animals and a human, so you can stand or sit comfortably inside and get acquainted. There's a large common area, where a dozen or so felines have free rein o'er cat trees and cat houses, giving you a chance to experience your potential pet's personality and see how he gets along with others. Pets Unlimited makes sure each match is the best possible; prospective owners go through a thorough screening process, and there are no same-day adoptions. Fees are $75 for a cat, $125 for a kitten; both include a spay/neuter job and one free vet visit. And yes, as its name implies, Pets Unlimited has dogs, too.

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