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Best Rodeo San Francisco 2004 - Heavy Pedal Cyclecide Bike Rodeo

"Ask for forgiveness, never ask for permission." "We're such idiots, we don't know how stupid we are." And, drum roll please, "Too dumb to die." If you've ever wondered what it takes to survive as part of a traveling punk rock Frankencycle performance group, one of the answers is: "A lot of mottoes." The gang known as Cyclecide is seven years into a project that results in contraptions like the half bike, half lawn mower called the Suburban Intruder, and the bottle-rocket-armed Homeland Security Bike. "We take bikes that our ultra-disposable society throws away," says ringleader and visionary Jarico Reesce, explaining where the mangled parts come from (while also revealing one of the group's philosophical standpoints). Another saying the crew's fond of is, "They're built for fun, not for safety." The Bike-a-Totter, for example, has been retired -- too dangerous, says Reesce unapologetically. "It's the thrill and the element of danger that people like. And I have insurance." Therein lies the secret conundrum of Cyclecide: These tough guys and crazy chicks may sell "blood towels" at shows, but they have a heck of a soft spot for keeping people -- especially children, who adore them -- having fun.

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