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Best Stationery Store San Francisco 2004 - Kinokuniya Stationery

Need a red plastic protractor, Japanese greeting cards, designer photo albums, or vivid erasers in the shape of sushi rolls? Whether you have straightforward stationery needs (drafting paper, spiral notepads) or more specialized ones (Sanrio-style origami paper in all colors of the rainbow), Kinokuniya Stationery in Japantown is likely to carry it. The garishly lit and meticulously organized shop features more than 300 types of washi (Japanese handmade paper), 400 varieties of writing implements, and an array of Japanese calligraphy and art supplies. There's a wall of stickers, an aisle dedicated to a dizzying offering of pens, and shelves loaded with binders and notebooks of all sizes, hues, and designs. And since most of the items are imported from Japan, many have amusing proclamations on them (one notebook states, "Bright Color brings comfortable time. Choose Me! And you will be happy. Designed for sensuous people").

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