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Best Trendy Dish San Francisco 2004 - Sformato at A16

Sformato at A16

Sformato at A16

2355 Chestnut

San Francisco, CA 94123


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We're not nuts about the word "trendy," but we don't remember ever seeing sformato on menus before, even in Italy, and recently we've been offered several versions of the frittatalike, crustless quiche. We liked the firm, square version made with stinging nettles (once cooked, no more stinging than spinach) served as a starter at Quince and the round one (called sformatino) of asparagus and Parmesan at the Liberty Cafe. But the light, puffy, golden sformato at A16 -- a baked, unmolded custard of cheese, eggs, and surprising chunks of golden squash, served with a somewhat sharp chicory salad -- was so delicious that we immediately suggested ordering a second, to share. This is a trend we hope sticks around.

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