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Best Vintage Drum Shop San Francisco 2004 - Sam Adato's Drum Shop

If you're looking for a set of skins with some classic character, talk to Sam Adato, the curly-coiffed ex-rocker behind the counter at this SOMA drum shop. The place has been buying, selling, and swapping drum sets for more than 10 years, and Sam's selection of sparkly vintage kits is way cooler (and probably better-sounding) than any cheap McDrumset you can pick up at Guitar Center. At any given time Adato has about 50 in stock -- ranging from quality beginner sets to rare collectibles. And even though you might be able to get lucky with a garage sale find, Sam's prices are about the lowest in town. Serious buyers are even welcome to set up a drum set in the store and rock out. Pretty soon you'll be waking up the neighbors.

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Hey Sam Rocks give him a call if you are looking for something Rare or to match up some drums He might just have them. A reel COOOL GUY AND KNOWS HOW TO PLAY THE DRUMS!!!!!!

Alyrio Lima
Alyrio Lima

Hi, another day I�ve called asking for the tel. nb. of the San francisco drum co. If I recalled it right I�ve talked to someone by the name Mark, I believe, and I was supposed to call back but the lines here went out and today is when I can get in touch again.So, is it possible for you to send me Garry�s fone nb?I apreciate very very much,thanks a ,Alyriomillion

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