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Best Vinyl Snobs San Francisco 2004 - Record Collector

This joint is a crate-digger's dream, the real deal: It only sells records. No tapes, no CDs. Even the obscure location -- tucked away on 21st, just off of Mission -- feels like insider information. But the scruffy dudes at the register make the store truly special. They mistake chomping on a sandwich for customer service, and if you can engage them in conversation at all, you might think you've stumbled on a couple of disenchanted rejects from High Fidelity. Ask them about the availability of a marble-vinyl test pressing of your most sought-after record and you'll be lucky to evoke a contemptuous eye roll. Bring in some of your played-out plates for resale and you might get guffawed right out the door. It doesn't even matter that the overpriced records they're selling aren't special enough to warrant the level of snootiness; shopping at the Record Collector is all about the classic record store experience.

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