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Best Downtown Nightclub San Francisco 2005 - Rx Gallery

In a trend that we hope will continue, downtown San Francisco is fast becoming a more resident-friendly place for clubbing. That is to say, the area is veering away from the oh-my-God-welcome-to-my-insufferable-bachelorette-party-let's-go-to-Polly-Esther's kids and moving toward a scene comprising decent music and a tolerable local crowd. Nowhere does this much-needed revamp pop more than at Rx Gallery. This Manhattan-ish spot (well, it's got a New York City loftlike exposed brick wall, anyway) is an art gallery when the sun's up and at sundown plays host to some of this town's best club nights. With a comfy sitting area upstairs, a decent wine and beer selection, and innovative video and sound installations, Rx is well worth the sometimes pricey cover charge.

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