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Best Drag Show San Francisco 2005 - Hot Boxxx Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at Aunt Charlie's Lounge

It might seem a peculiar complaint to lodge against San Francisco drag shows, but too many gender-bending experiences in this town are kind of uptight. We like our drag a little rough around the edges, with equal parts glam and grit, swank and smut. A sweaty Saturday evening in the "Hot Boxxx" at Aunt Charlie's is perfect for the adventurer who savors such combinations. The dank little Tenderloin spot is a warhorse of the city's drag scene -- it's worth paying for a round of cocktails to get the old-school regulars to share stories about the colorful history of the place -- and even though some high-class queens might look down their powdered noses at the joint, we like it just the way it is: rowdy, wild, and raunchy as all get-out.

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