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Best Giants Player Who's Not on Steroids San Francisco 2005 -

Jason Schmidt

Starting pitcher

Everything revolves around Barry Bonds, of course, but in recent seasons it has been hard-throwing ace Schmidt whose fortunes have determined the team's success. (Besides, Bonds draws so many intentional walks it's sometimes difficult for him to impact a game.) When he's healthy, Schmidt is all but unhittable, compiling a 35-12 record over the past two seasons while striking out more than 450 batters. His emergence as a first-rate starting pitcher has been crucial for the Giants; he routinely stops losing streaks and shuts down opponents' lineups. He's lauded by teammates for his easygoing nature and sly sense of humor (just like Bonds, huh?), and if the Giants have another post-season run this year, it will be due in large part to Schmidt's influence.

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