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Best Graffiti Supplies San Francisco 2005 -

Graffiti has come a long way in the past 30 years. Once an illicit juvenile pastime that drew the scorn of anyone over the age of 20, it has arguably become the most vibrant and visible of all modern forms of art. The style is now a primer for an ever-expanding niche dubbed "urban art," and has spawned hipster superstars such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Doze Green, and San Francisco's own Berry McGee (who currently has a prominent piece displayed in SFMOMA). Haight Street's Future Primitive Sound (art collective, record label, gallery, store) not only provides the most comprehensive selection of graffiti supplies in the city -- including coveted Montana spray paint -- but it also features rotating exhibits of the finest urban artists in the world. Recent shows have included European graffiti pioneer and icon Mode 2, S.F. muralist extraordinaire Brian Barneclo, and NYC street legend Cycle. Their work proves that graffiti isn't just for vandals anymore.

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Dan Plasma
Dan Plasma

Graffiti or "street art" is the most powerful art movement ever to come from this country. Artists like Shepard Fairey and Ron English are spokespeople for the counter-cultutre and the nations youth. Graffiti art is to our generation what music was to the late 60's cultural revolution.....

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