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Best Landmark San Francisco 2005 - Melvin M. Swig Interfaith Memorial Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral

Atop Nob Hill, surrounded by some of the priciest property in town, a space has been set aside for reflection and meditation. Just to the right of the entrance to Grace Cathedral, up a flight of stairs above the street, a circular labyrinth on the ground serves as a path, a resting place, and an art installation. The design is just complex enough to foil cheaters who want an easy visual solution, so you must walk it to unravel the way to the middle. Begin at the outside and slowly, meditatively follow the route. Mentally transmute the strident sound of cable car bells into the calming tones of finger cymbals. Share the journey with those ahead of and behind you in the labyrinth (just as you do in life). Breathe deeply of the brisk Pacific air. Or, if you prefer, have a seat on the bench and contemplate how the church acquired such primo real estate in the first place.

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