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Best Local Blog San Francisco 2005 - SFist

Our infatuation with the SFist is like a gnarly case of shingles: At first we didn't even realize we had it, then we didn't know what it was, and now it's so distracting that it keeps us from doing any work. The scrappy blog seems to have its nose in just about every nook and cranny of San Francisco, from a droll view of City Hall to spot-on (if occasionally long-winded) cultural rants. Perhaps most impressive is the site's comprehensive reduction and close reading of local news (including the judicious and, sniff, at times slightly wounding "We Read the Weeklies" column), which the SFist does better than any other source. We're lucky to have the snaky citizen journalism of this blog around to keep us on our toes, and we couldn't survive the workday without it.

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