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Best Local TV Show San Francisco 2005 -

Distortion 2 Static

Yes, we've had Bay Area Backroads for a bajillion years, but in the meantime we've lacked in local TV shows for those over 15 and under 40 who enjoy more than wine, computers, or gardening. (The news doesn't count.) Distortion 2 Static, Sundays at midnight on WB20/cable Channel 13, is a great remedy for that dearth of programming, providing hip hop culture, news, interviews, man-in-the-street views, and coverage of local artists and those of local interest. A crew helmed by twin hosts Prince Aries and Rel along with DJ Chicken Skratch broadcasts from what looks like a record collector's living room, where you could just kick back with a doobie and listen to some jams. The show has the approachability of a cable access program with better production values, and its coveted slot on the WB network allows it to reach the entire Bay Area rather than the regionally and economically limited audiences that cable access delivers.

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