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Best Restaurant to Take Your Parents To San Francisco 2005 - 2223 Restaurant and Bar - CLOSED

2223 Restaurant and Bar

2223 Restaurant and Bar

2223 Market

San Francisco, CA 94114


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A parental visit can be like a walk through a recent war zone: You just never know how many hidden land mines you'll step on. That's why picking the right restaurant during such a visit is so imperative. It's amazing how much more smoothly things can go with a little help from a top-notch staff. A stopover at 2223 is sure to prove successful. The décor is warm and inviting, with just enough classy touches to say upscale without being threatening. The servers are helpful in describing any menu ingredients that haven't made it east of the Nevada border (and remain undisturbed by parental matchmaking attempts), and dishes like red pepper rouille flatbread and lamb spring rolls are exotic but not frightening to out-of-towners. The eatery's bartenders also pour a stiff glass of wine, just to keep things well lubricated. But be sure your folks understand that not all local restaurants are as good -- or else they'll want to visit more often.

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