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Best Sex Tour Hostess San Francisco 2005 -

Jane Tollini, S.F. Zookeeper

S.F. Zoo, Sloat & Great Highway, 753-7080,

Before you get too hot and bothered, we're talking animals here -- the zoo kind. Each Valentine's Day (and on the weekend before and after) the comedic Tollini leads a "sex tour" -- really an educational stroll down lovers' lane -- highlighting the animals' mating habits, making her observations as explicit as possible since the tour is restricted to visitors 18 and older. Her hilarious, tongue-in-cheek narration on the 90-minute tram ride, followed by a lively lecture, has been a zoo tradition for 16 years. It's wildly popular, too: This past February, all nine tours (limited to 70 people apiece) were sold out at $55 a pop. Other days of the year you'll find Tollini tending the zoo's flock of 64 Magellanic penguins, among the world's most successful penguin breeding colonies in captivity.

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