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Best Airplane Meal San Francisco 2006 - Darby Dan Sandwich Co.

When you're planning how much time you need to go through the soul-sucking security rituals at SFO that make travel such a delight, throw in an extra 15 minutes or so to swing by this efficient sandwich mill, at which you can pick up some affordable treats (much cheaper than the insultingly priced airport fare) to enjoy on your food-free flight. There's a long, long list of possibilities, made up sub-sandwich-style (with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, peppers, and onions on your choice of bread), along with the requisite bags of chips and reefers full of cold drinks. Popular choices include the Darby Dan (ham, mortadella, salami, cheese), the Sleeper (ham, turkey, bacon, cheese), and the Half and Half (crab and shrimp salad, available Thursday and Friday only).
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