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Best Art TV Show San Francisco 2006 - Spark, KQED

Spark, KQED

Spark, KQED

2601 Mariposa

San Francisco, CA 94110


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Local programming is often the bane of viewer-supported television. But in this town the genre has been taken over by geniuses, namely producers Marie K. Lee and her team. The idea behind Spark is simple: Profile local artists with short interviews, studio visits, and lots of pictures. But the choice of subjects, the seamless production, and the loose (but not distractingly wacky) editing set this show apart. Our favorite segments include "Paint x 3," featuring Robert Bechtle, Hung Liu, and Nathan Oliviera, and "Through the Lens," a photography smorgasbord. Spark reaches beyond traditional forms, too, as in "Street Art," an episode that visits with mariachis, buskers, and the roving tailoring project of a performance artist. Watch it on Wednesdays at 7 on Channel 9.
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