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Best Baby Store San Francisco 2006 - Day One Center

Day One Center

Day One Center

3490 California

San Francisco, CA 94118


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Baby's on its way and you have no idea where to start. Friends are having a kid and you want to buy them something they might actually use. Got an infant at home and need to find updated supplies. For all of these situations — for just about any baby-related event, really — there's Day One. In one sense, it's a comprehensive store: maternity and baby clothes, pumps and strollers, car seats and high chairs, baby-proofing supplies and books. But in another sense it's a whole community, an easygoing place at which to ask all those embarrassing, urgent questions; to get help with things like labor and nursing; to connect with other parents and take classes and workshops. Visiting Day One is a calming respite from the insanity of having children.
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