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Best Bar Snacks San Francisco 2006 - The Owl Tree

The Owl Tree

The Owl Tree

601 Post

San Francisco, CA 94109


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There are many things to love about this nonsensically no-nonsense watering hole a few blocks from Union Square: the hundreds of stuffed, etched-glass, ceramic, and wood-carved owls that decorate every nook and cranny; the Bloody Marys, the spiciest, silkiest eye-openers in town; the jukebox, perhaps the only one on Earth featuring the "Lollipop Guild" song; and Bobby himself, who's run the joint for the past quarter-century with that mixture of crusty professionalism and sardonic wit endemic to old-school San Francisco. Topping the list, though, is that the moment your butt hits the barstool, Bobby ambles over with the homeliest welcome around: a bowl of Chex party mix and a packet of Wetnaps. By the second or third highball (Bobby pours 'em cheap and strong), the pretzels, nuts, and rice-wheat cereal product tastes downright yummy.
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