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Best Beer Bar San Francisco 2006 - Noc Noc

Noc Noc

Noc Noc

557 Haight

San Francisco, CA 94117


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When you first enter the scene at Noc Noc, it can be a little disorienting. The bar has the feel of a dingy subterranean cave; it's covered in Burning Man kitsch, filled with sculptures perhaps best categorized as "Inuit-industrial," and the ceiling is coated in a wild hodgepodge of grimy trinkets. Well-worn booths seat patrons close to the floor (if you can get a seat, that is), and an eclectic mix of Lower Haight residents haunt the dark corners. If the off-kilter charm scares away the Bud-guzzling frat boys, it may be intentional — a sign by the bar proudly announces "No Bud. No Miller. No Coors." But when you check out what the place does have, it's clear that Noc Noc takes its beer drinking seriously. On draft you'll often find Spaten Premium, Radeberger Pilsner, or the seasonal Biere de Mars. In the bottle, Noc Noc offers dozens of well-made European and hand-crafted specialties (many of which hover around the 9 percent alcohol level — so be careful!) including Gulden Draak barleywine, La Fin du Monde, and three varieties of Chimay. Bottoms up!
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