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Best Caribbean Restaurant San Francisco 2006 - Primo Patio Cafe

Primo Patio Cafe

Primo Patio Cafe

214 Townsend

San Francisco, CA 94107


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Never mind that it's whipped up in a kitchen: In a just universe, Primo Patio's grilled jerk chicken would be added to the list of natural wonders of the world. Tender, moist, and boasting the perfect blend of spices, the eatery's signature dish transports your taste buds to the Bahamas, Aruba, the Cayman Islands — pick the Caribbean paradise of your liking. More in the mood for fish? Bite into the blackened snapper, an experience that's sort of like having fireworks go off in your mouth, but in a good way. Better still, no entree costs more than $10.25, and each comes with heaping piles of cumin rice and black beans. With its savory menu of tapas and quesadillas that draws a steady lunch crowd, the restaurant brings the flavor of Barbados right to your tongue, serving it up on a cozy, open patio warmed by mini-heaters and the staff's good cheer.
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