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Best Cartoonist San Francisco 2006 - Porous Walker

Porous Walker's single-panel cartoons (or art pieces, if you like) are outrageously un-PC and gut-bustingly funny. They're simple — crude, even — with one or two blobby figures describing or reacting to a caption. Walker's humor vacillates between the juvenile ("I Can't Wait Until I Am Old Enough to Go to the Mall in Nothing But Eyeglasses, Boxing Gloves, & Figure Skates"), the lascivious ("Boobie Camera"), and the just plain surreal ("Jesus Is Back, and He Brought an Ax"). Not surprisingly, his background is as odd as his work: He dropped out of art school, convened with cows while on 'shrooms at an Indian reservation, lived among the Sausalito houseboat community, and worked at a Napa Valley winery. (Even his pen name has an odd story: "Porous Walker" was a character in a baseball uniform whom the artist thought up to help him fall asleep.) Eventually, he says, "I started drawing out all of the things that are always in my head when I'm around other humans — the things that I never really said out loud." If you'd like to see more of what's in Walker's head (he hates Helen Hunt, too!), check out his cartoons in each issue of Mesh Magazine.
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