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Best Cheap Records San Francisco 2006 - 101 Basement

We've argued the merits of this record store with many a San Francisco record dork, and they always proffer three points: One, the dude with horn-rimmed glasses behind the counter cops an attitude. (He's always nice to us.) Two, the gear for sale on the main floor is overpriced. (The needle for our turntable was affordably priced.) And three, the selection of records in the basement sucks ass. It's this last point that separates your hard-core collectors — willing to dig for those hard-to-find gems — from your eBay brats too afraid to get their hands dirty. You see, this basement is nuts, in a good way. Beyond a very loose sense of order according to genre, tens of thousands of records are sitting down in that basement in total disarray, every single one selling for only $5. Does that not sound like a collector's ultimate challenge? Sure it does. If you head on over, you'll spend four straight hours flipping through dirty old records — and there's no telling what you may find.
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