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Best Childhood Treat San Francisco 2006 - Caramel corn at Acme Chophouse

Of all the sweets and savories that make being a kid bearable (and even, at times, idyllic), good caramel corn is the most elusive. Too often dry, stale, and stingy with the nuts, when properly assembled this simple amalgam of popped corn, sugar, and butter leaves s'mores and Creamsicles in the dust. Poppycock is a fine grocery-store option (if you can find it); best of all is the stuff served at the Acme Chophouse. Honoring the ballpark of which it is a part, Acme prepares what can only be described as Cracker Jacks exponentialized. Here the peanuts have been supplanted by cashews, hazelnuts, and pistachios; the popcorn is crunchy, not tough; and binding it all together is a caramel at once thick, buttery, and gloriously sweet. Served in a little paper sack, it's a nosh for the ages (all of them).
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