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Best Comic Playwright San Francisco 2006 - Sean Owens

If you baked Noel Coward, George Bernard Shaw, and Hans Christian Andersen into a pie, you'd get a dish that tastes a bit like the way Sean Owens writes. The analogy might be weird, but it is appropriate, because synesthesia — that mix of sensations — is a calling card for San Francisco's master of the absurdly funny play. After experiencing productions of Tincture, Owens' six-woman exploration of color and causality, or Odd by Nature, an evening of bite-sized dramas and comic songs to delight both the palate and the mind, your senses are in as much of a spin as your sides are in stitches. With a highly developed sense of the silly and a consummate feeling for dramatic structure and comic delay, Owens has rightly won adoration among Bay Area audiences as a playwright for the past 15 years. He's also a virtuosic and hilarious performer who can carry off a silk dressing gown and slippers with more panache than anyone else around.
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