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Best Computer Programmer-Turned-Independent Washer/Dryer Repairman San Francisco 2006 - Josh Scholar

Josh Scholar (yes, that's his real name) may not be the most experienced washer/dryer repairman in town, but he gets the job done well, and he has a pretty interesting backstory. He spent years toiling from project to project as a video game programmer for the likes of Electronic Arts, then tired of the 80-hour weeks that came right before a project was to ship. Though the pay was high, the hours were awful. Then his mother's boyfriend taught Scholar the fine art of fixing Maytags, Whirlpools, and Kenmores, and he started a one-man business in San Francisco and the Peninsula. His logical approach and geeky banter will make you feel as if your favorite IT guy from the office has come over to fix your washing machine.
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