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Best Craft Haven San Francisco 2006 - Craft Gym

Craft Gym is a hidden gem located near the Tenderloin's tenements. Inside it's another universe — a cozy, minimalist space arranged to please craft fanatics. To get things warmed up, the place offers a wide selection of teas. The bathrooms are clean and smell nice and are stocked with hand cream. Tea-fortified and moisturized customers can then take classes in sewing, knitting, ceramics, textiles, and various other hobbies, with supplies and equipment provided by Craft Gym. The resemblance to a yoga or dance studio may be no accident: Instructors encourage students to approach craft-making as both a journey and a destination, focusing on skill and technique building as much as the finished product. Classes are small, with lots of personal attention, and preregistration is required.
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love, love, LOVE craft gym!

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