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Best Dish Names San Francisco 2006 - Café Gratitude - CLOSED

Café Gratitude

Café Gratitude

2400 Harrison

San Francisco, CA 94110


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There are two ways to approach the organic raw-foods menu at Café Gratitude: One is by hunger, and the other is by intellect. The latter is a literary approach, since each dish is named with an affirmation (I Am Bountiful, I Am Generous, I Am Magical), which is repeated to you (without a hint of sarcasm) when you receive your food: "You are passionate!" the server announces with your marinara pizza, or "You are eternally youthful!" as he delivers your frosty vanilla milkshake (made with nut milk). Inevitably, reality intrudes, as you must consider whether you are delicious (almond malt smoothie) or luscious (raw chocolate smoothie) or great (granola). (Combining I Am Great with I Am Plenty — aka, fruit salad — yields I Am Plenty Great.) On the whole, we find playing this game enjoyable, though it does seem a trifle Scroogelike to name some sides I Am a Bit Giving, I Am a Bit Flourishing, I Am a Bit Generous. That's just not what we want to hear, though it might be true.
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