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Best Dog Walker/Trainer San Francisco 2006 - Youngblood Harris

After just one session with dog trainer extraordinaire Youngblood Harris, your stubborn pooch or unruly puppy will be well on the road to good behavior. Harris has worked with animals for most of his life, and it shows. He cultivates an instant rapport with your four-legged friend with just the right balance of tough love and playfulness. Harris provides in-home dog training services, so he can instruct both human and canine in a comfortable setting. He charges a reasonable rate, too: only $65 per session. His services also include individual dog walks that serve as both exercise and training opportunities for pooches that jump and pull on the leash. Whether you want your hound doing fancy tricks or just minding his manners, Harris is the man for the job.
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I adopted my dog from a local rescue group five years ago when he was about five months old. Besides the usual issues one deals with in raising and training a puppy, my pup came with a lot of issues having been abused prior to his rescue. At the time, Youngblood was helping with the rescue group to train people and their recently adopted dogs.

My puppy and I worked with Youngblood once a week for almost six months in 20-30 minute sessions. Youngblood was amazing. He taught us both so much. His understanding of canines was deep and insightful. He opened my eyes to a whole new world--the world as seen through the eyes of dogs.

I give Youngblood the highest recommendations. He's the best dog trainer I've ever met.

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