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Best Emergency Bathroom Break San Francisco 2006 - Five-star hotels

So you're downtown shopping, or you're hitting the bars after work, or perhaps you live in one of those burgeoning high-rise communities — several floors up. Then nature calls. You could make a move for one of the few public toilets-cum-drug dens that line Market Street, or throw down a few dollars at a fast-food joint or cafe to gain entrance into their coveted yet vile toilets. But the easiest and most pleasant alternative is free: Simply saunter into one of the several lovely five-star hotels the neighborhood has to offer and use the lobby bathroom. Whether it's the Four Seasons, the Palace, or the St. Regis (our personal favorite, what with its loo on the first floor stocked with trays of rolled-up cotton hand towels), all your excretive needs are handled. Be careful of hotels sporting fewer than five stars, though: If you come across one of the not-quite-as-nice inns with a keycard lock on its bathroom, you're shit out of luck.
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