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Best Energy Drink San Francisco 2006 - Hyphy

New from Oakland's It's Good Beverage Co. (helmed by Clyde Carson of up-and-coming rap group the Team), Hyphy is sure to give popular energy drinks like Red Bull and Rockstar a serious run for their money when it comes to taste and power punch. The name comes from a very current and very energetic Bay Area youth culture that's on the edge of exploding nationwide, a scene that's ripe for bottling (or, in this case, canning). Hyphy advertises itself as having the flavor of "grapple" — a grape/apple hybrid — but it goes down like a less-sweet green apple Jolly Rancher, with the electric green color to match. We can say with some authority that Hyphy is as stimulating as some illegal substances, only more flavorful — and easier to recommend in good conscience.
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terry stewart
terry stewart

I was wandering if you could tell me how to contact the beverage company It's Good Beverage Co. *Hyphy" I tried going to their my space page but could not find out how to contact them.....and tried yellow pages. So any information you could give me for a possible contact would be greatly appreciated........

thank you,

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