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Best Gay Softball League San Francisco 2006 - San Francisco Gay Softball League

San Francisco Gay Softball League

San Francisco Gay Softball League

584 Castro

San Francisco, CA 94114


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No matter which team you play for, which side you bat on, or which trite sexual-orientation sports metaphor you prefer, you're welcome to join San Francisco's premier gay softball league. It's got some quotas in place to keep the league true to its fruity roots, but anyone who's pretty serious about the game and about having some sporty fun should check it out. The league is rigorous about tracking players' individual stats (in order to ensure teams are fairly matched in play); league members range from hopeless beginners to some of the finest players in the country. There are separate divisions for men and women, and an open division for those who either aren't sure or like to mix it up. League play began in April and continues through June 18. There aren't nearly as many teams named with groaner double entendres as we might like, though the Basters, the Cardinal Sins, and the Raging Stallion Players all sound like they've got their hearts in the right place.
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