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Best Goth Tradition San Francisco 2006 - The Edwardian Ball

Put on your cravats and corsets for a night out at the ball — the Edwardian Ball, that is. The folks who put this event on every year aren't goths of the Cure-listening, eyeliner-wearing ilk, however; they're literary cool cats who understand that fixing up and looking dapper are essential to setting the right mood. The Edwardian Ball was conceived in homage to that quintessential moodster Edward Gorey, whose funereal, cross-hatched drawings accompany tales that ooze with brooding tots, juvenile mischief, and droll tragedy. It's a chance for lovers of the macabre to indulge in anemic doom and gloom, with acts ranging from avant-cabaret to classic can-can to the moth-eaten stylings of pagan-lounge act Rosin Coven. Haunted forest installations, antique photo booths, and the performance of a different Gorey book every year are all reasons to join in the revelry.
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