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Best Homey Desserts San Francisco 2006 - S'mores at Luna Park

S\'mores at Luna Park

S'mores at Luna Park

694 Valencia

San Francisco, CA 94110


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From time immemorial, campers, picnickers, and other backyard rustics have stuck marshmallows on twigs, roasted them over a bonfire (or, in a pinch, a gas range), and sandwiched them between two graham crackers with a square of Hershey's milk chocolate. This elemental treat — endorphins, molten velvet, and a bit of crunch in one gloriously gooey mess — gets a new lease on life at Luna Park, the casually hip Mission District temple to cutting-edge comfort food. Tiny fondue pots of burbling house-made marshmallow and thick, rich melted chocolate are paired with a dozen made-on-the-premises graham cookies; just dive in. Big spoons come standard, in case you want to go the traditional layered-sandwich route, or you can dip to your heart's content; in either case, we recommend lots of paper napkins. (It's even available via the restaurant's new free delivery service to the Mission District, Castro, Noe Valley, and Bernal Heights.)
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