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Best Jewelry Designer San Francisco 2006 - Rebecca Vandersteen

Rebecca Vandersteen

Rebecca Vandersteen

1112 Sutter

San Francisco, CA 94117


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Rebecca Vandersteen has already contributed plenty to the local fashion climate by opening the widely adored Venus Superstar boutique and stocking it with rad offerings from lots of local designers, including herself. Her jewelry line, Venus Envy, is the icing on her professional cake, and it can top any outfit with glitzy wit and a homey naturalism. Her earrings are golden cascades with little birds or tiny feathers fluttering from delicate gold chains. Some designs drape over the tops of your ears or hang down from behind; their funny details and determined artistry keep them from outright ostentatiousness. She also creates gorgeous necklaces that marry glamour and rustic elements such as feathers, polished wood, and sleek animal shapes, which pull the draping gold chains back to Earth.
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