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Best Job for Teens San Francisco 2006 - Exploratorium Explainer Program

Some people spend the rest of their lives trying to recreate the perfect work atmosphere they enjoyed as a teen in the Exploratorium Explainer Program. While most of us have memories of demeaning service jobs to look back on, former Explainers get a happy, nostalgic look in their eyes when they remember working at the science museum. Something about the Exploratorium's afternoon, weekend, and summer helper gig is different from the fast-food experience. "We try very hard to get a very unique group of kids together — different areas of the academic spectrum, different neighborhoods, stuff like that," says Explainer Program Assistant Manager Daniel Winokur. It's run entirely by former participants, offers the chance to dissect cow eyeballs on the clock, and provides intelligent challenges for the young brain. Can you say that about your job?
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