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Best Magazine Stand San Francisco 2006 - Fog City News

Fog City News

Fog City News

455 Market

San Francisco, CA 94105


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There's nothing like a good magazine stand to make you realize you're reading the wrong magazines. A corporate rag like Spin may seem like a hot ticket at the doctor's office, but it pales when set among hipper labor-of-love endeavors at a place like Fog City News, which has the kind of selection that forcibly broadens your horizons. A ridiculous number of meticulously arranged titles lines the walls of this narrow shop, betraying the hand of a scrupulous organizer (and maybe gentle subversive — on a recent visit, a stack of Bitch held court beside Vogue, and a pile of Found dwarfed that of its neighbor, Vanity Fair). With soothing music from a faux-antique radio, historical photos of San Francisco on the walls, and (perhaps the hardest to pass up) vintage soda pops such as grape Nehi, Fog City is a fine place to experience the timeworn pleasure of wasting time in the racks. Fortunately, its huge selection of trendy chocolates makes for the perfect sorry-I'm-late gift.
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