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Best Monthly Periodical San Francisco 2006 - Street Sheet

Written mostly by people who are or were homeless, this monthly tabloid mixes news stories, personal essays, and poetry about life on the street with cutting analyses of the city's efforts to "help" the indigent. TV and daily paper reporters have torn their rotator cuffs patting Gavin Newsom on the back for his Care Not Cash program, which dramatically reduces monthly payouts to the homeless in exchange for permanent housing and greater access to social services. That's the theory, anyway. But Street Sheet scribes have consistently — and rightly — pointed out that the Boy Blunder's policy, though slightly reducing the city's homeless rate, has left more of the disadvantaged penniless. So the next time you walk past a Street Sheet vendor hawking the paper, bust out a buck and buy a copy. You'll help a worthy cause and receive a truer account of the city's homeless problem than what the mayor's PR machine spits out.
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