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Best Morning Radio Show San Francisco 2006 - Keepin' It Real With Will & Willie

We thought Air America simply had to be joking when its San Francisco–based affiliate the Quake announced the creation of a brand-new morning radio show starring political satirist Will Durst and former S.F. Mayor Willie Brown as an intrepid team of on-air DJs. Because, really, only the most incisive local focus group could ever dream up something so magically delicious. But as guests get grilled and issues roasted, it's sometimes hard to delineate who is the professional comedian and who the veteran politician. And that, of course, makes for marvelous radio. The pair might be a laughing matter, especially during Durst's oft-blue "joke of the day" and Brown's blunt "What Would Willie Do?" segments, but together they're worth listening to — particularly in comparison to the other limp morning shows clogging up the AM and FM dials.
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Karl Reichert
Karl Reichert

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Karl Reichert

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