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Best New Club San Francisco 2006 - Boca

Readers' Choice: Shine
There's a shortage of good techno clubs in this town. If you don't agree, then you probably don't know what good, authentic techno is: thick, gut-rumbling beats that range from icy and industrial to warm and funky. This is music distinct from the cheese-ball house and trance emanating from various bridge-and-tunnel operations, and if there's anyone here who understands that, it's Will Linn. Linn is the founder of Blasthaus, a local collective that organizes everything from DJ events to art openings. The breadth and sophistication of Blasthaus' interests is embodied in Linn's latest venture, Boca, a sleek new club located in the heart of downtown. A hybrid art gallery/DJ bar, Boca is open Tuesday through Saturday, hosting local and international electronic musicians most every night, including some of the biggest names in the techno game, guys like Matthew Dear and Richie Hawtin. If you're sick of beer-and-pretzels dance music and are ready to introduce your palette to richer electronic fare, Boca is the perfect place to start.
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