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Best New Talk Radio Station (FM) San Francisco 2006 - Free FM

One of the most frequently changed frequencies on the FM dial is now home to Free FM, a talk radio station with a rock 'n' roll heart. For those lamenting the loss of Howard Stern, who recently left FM for satellite radio, and mourning Adam Carolla's departure from the popular Lovelines show (on Live 105), Free FM has plenty of talk for the Maxim-reading, jock-itching man of the house. That's courtesy of hosts like Carolla as well as John London and Tom Leykis, whose bits often feel like extended episodes of The Man Show. We know they're full of shit, they know they're full of shit, and the result is lively listening. Programs like the do-me feminism of Sex With Emily and No One's Listening (a media crit show hosted by a former Real World cast member, Irene McGee) keep the station from being too macho and jokey when it's time to flush the toilet humor.
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espero encontrar lo que espero de esta estacion

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